Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Frame

Its a Czech Favorit, english BB, ISO headset, we'll see how nice it is once I build it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nazis in the Hood

So I've heard rumors about Nazis in Hochelaga. Anybody familiar with the neighborhood will likely recall having seen Anti Nazi Graffitti such as the Antifa tag above. I'd always thought this stuff was more the province of bored punks than a reaction to any real threat. This weekend though I found a recent flyer warning about "nazis dans le quartier". It even went so far as to point out their supposed hangout. While I'm not going to name or show the place until I've already gone for an evening (I don't need a stomping) it seems entirely possible.
Hopefully they're just dumb kids and not some organized part of the Aryan Nation or anything, as a friend of mine informed me "real Nazis will smell your catholic ass a mile away."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cinema L'amour pt II

We appreciated this lull, assuming that most of the weirdness had passed, our group relaxed, even joked a bit. By now the dudes on the screen had lost their shit and we were treated to a new scene, a fresh girl and a fresh location. A breeze block apartment complex with all weather carpeting. The girl wore a dog collar and an Alladin costume.
As the scene progressed the gentlemen made their way back to the front. Smoke break over, they were ready for another round. After a few minutes of reintegration and plot building (it turns out the young lady on the screen had “been a bad girl) something unexpected occurred. Two women showed up.
They looked bad, like the golden girls but with more meth and less soft focus. Unaccompanied by the owner and unfettered by ropes they walked to the front, something my two female companions 30 years their junior later admitted would have terrified them.
From where we sat they seemed to exchange friendly greetings with the huddle, hugs, kisses on the cheek, this wasn't a rare treat. Then they went wild, with blowjobs. Clearly silhouetted against other wild blowjobs we witnessed the makings of an elderly orgy.
The room got hot. The velvet curtains that twenty minutes ago had charmed me into staying now seemed grotesque. Coherent thought left me, the decision that this "might not be for me" took forever to make.
Through some intuitive instant we flew from our seats and followed the aisle to the velvet rope. The house lights were off and while fumbling for the latch in the dark I failed to notice a man blocking our exit. He was tall and fat, liver spots covered his face, and his pants were round his ankles. We'd been his entertainment.
The last moments we spent inside are a blur, maybe we pushed him, maybe he moved of his own accord, I can't recollect. We fled up the aisle, kicked through two sets of door, and were soon outside.